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Greater Community Focuses on Tree Preservation

Greater Community Focuses on Tree Preservation

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Here in The Falls, we take nature seriously. Which is why we have dedicated nature preserves through-out the community, including 44 acres of Woodson’s Gully and the 100-acre Lake Holcomb.

But we’re also glad to share that the greater community has prioritized preserving nature as well. According to a recent article by Community Impact, The Woodlands is making a big effort to preserve trees as they near build-out. You can read the highlights from the article below.

As The Woodlands approaches build-out, officials are planning for what green space will look like in the future. At build-out The Woodlands is expected to be comprised of about 28 percent green space, including forest preserve, parks and canopy coverage, according to Robert Heineman, vice president of planning for The Woodlands Development Company.

According to recent development company projections, residential build-out is expected by 2022, and only a handful of commercial spaces remain.“That idea hasn’t changed from really day one, so it’s consistent from the original vision,” Heineman said.

Much of the green space in The Woodlands is protected under covenants—or local restrictions—which requires tree coverage around homes and businesses.

To help preserve the forestry The Woodlands Township board of directors approved a project Sept. 26 to plant 3,000 trees throughout The Woodlands to help with reforestation, which re-establishes forest cover.

“The goal of the reforestation program is to re-establish the natural forest that was existing prior to development,” Township Parks and Recreation Director Chris Nunes said. The $300,000 project will plant native trees, such as loblolly pines and live oaks, throughout The Woodlands.

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Want to live surrounded by nature? Don’t worry, while The Woodlands is reaching build-out — our community Falls at Imperial Oaks has an exciting inventory of new-construction homes. And we’re located just 6.5 miles from The Woodlands Town Center.

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