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Take Advantage of Lake Activities in The Falls!

Take Advantage of Lake Activities in The Falls!

Tuesday, February 05, 2019

You don’t have to go far to enjoy lake activities when you live in The Falls. Lake Holcomb is the latest addition to the breathtaking natural beauty of our award-winning and amenity-rich community. The 100-acre lake boasts miles of nature trails, strategically-placed benches, a fishing dock, picnic areas and more. Not to mention, there’s easy access to the lake with ample parking via the newly completed Imperial Promenade Drive.



Enjoy catch-and-release fishing from the new dock located on the southwest corner of Lake Holcomb. In addition to the 100-acre Lake Holcomb, sprinkled throughout new home sections are amenity lakes. In Amber Forest, you can find a secluded catch-and-release fishing area bordered with lush vegetation and wooded nature preserves. 

Kayaking or Canoe

Bring your kayak or rent one from a local outfitter (like SouthWest PaddleSports) so you can spend your weekend afloat! You’ll have 100-acres of open water to explore or get a good work-out in. After you’ve had your fun on Lake Holcomb, you can also consider heading down to Spring Creek where you can paddle along side the 46-mile greenway.

Forest Trail

Waterfront Nature Trails

The natural beauty of The Falls is reinforced by the miles of walking and greenbelt trails woven throughout the community. Now residents can enjoy waterfront views as they walk, jog or bike around a natural dirt trail system surrounding Lake Holcomb. They can also take advantage of Woodson’s Gully, offering 44 acres of native plants and local wildlife, directly across from the Falls’ newest recreation center.

Future YMCA

The Holcomb Family YMCA is planned to be built on a 10-acre tract of land next to Lake Holcomb. Stay tuned for updates! The project has been postponed while the YMCA repairs flood damage to several other facilities in Houston. Upon completion, the Holcomb Family YMCA will host a variety of programs, such as after-school care, day camps, swim lessons, teen achievement groups and personal wellness training.

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You can find the rules and hours for Lake Holcomb here. View the map and trail system for Lake Holcomb here. But that’s not all… learn about our other exciting amenities like The Retreat, The Lake Club, Tennis Courts and more.

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